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Addres:38-3Okinunome Harue-cho Sakai City,Fukui
919-0422 Japan
Tel.+81-776-51-9202 Fax.+81-776-51-9203

Representative:Yukitoshi Maeda

Date of foundation:1972 Capital:¥3,488million

Number of employees:374
Country where overseas business office is located:


A “two-tone bag”, our large-size sandbag with weather resistance

A deteriorated flexible container bag

Our industry-leading/unique technology

We have the largest market share in large-size sandbags with weather resistance.

Container bags used for makeshift sandbags for civil engineering work have been originally made for the purpose of cargo transport of granular cereal, feeding stuff, etc. Therefore, they didn't have enough strength to endure outdoor installation for long periods and filing of earth and sand. Therefore, we developed large-size sandbags with weather resistance and several years of the durability. They have been used for post-disaster restoration of rivers and roads or for designing and construction of makeshift constructions whose durable period is less than three years.

Description of our business

Manufacturing and distribution of banking reinforcement material etc. made of fiber and resin

・Banking reinforcement material and soft ground stabilizer

・Material for embankment reinforcement method

・Material for river revetment

・Exterior maintenance resources

・Drainage material, water shielding material, and retaining sheet

・Repairing and reinforcing material for concrete structure and post-construction anchor

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