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Address:12-1 Gennyo Maruoka-cho Sakai City, Fukui
       910-0276 Japan
Tel. +81-776-67-0808 Fax. +81-776-67-8485
Representative:Masataka Sugahara
Contact person:Toshihide Sugahara
Date of foundation:1936 Capital:¥80 million
Number of employees:18

A suitcase and a battery-powered vehicle manufactured
applying our carbon fi ber

Our industry-leading/unique technology

We developed carbon fiber materials for the world’s lightest suitcase, high-pressure hydrogen tank for fuel cell, etc.

We have positively developed new products in the fi eld of fi ber-reinforced composite materials with “high strength”, “high rigidity”, and “ultra lightweight”. Prepreg material, which is the new carbon fi ber created applying carbon fi ber textile and resin treatment technology, was adopted by “GLOBE-TROTTER” in Britain for their world’s lightest suitcases. We also manufacture thinlayer sheet materials made of carbon fi ber created applying tow-spreading technology, which have been adopted for automotive body of battery-powered vehicles, etc.

Description of our business

▪Manufacturing and marketing of knitwear by tubular and warp knitting
▪Manufacturing and marketing of three-dimensional structured knitwear
▪Manufacturing and marketing of tow-spread carbon fi ber and its applied products
▪Manufacturing and marketing of reinforced fiber sheets, textile, etc made of carbon fi ber, glass fi ber, aramid fi ber, etc
▪Manufacturing and marketing of rooftop gardening system and wall surface greening system

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