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Address:2-29-5 Hanandonaka Fukui City, Fukui
       918-8014 Japan
Tel. +81-776-36-4212 Fax. +81-776-34-2995
Representative:Shojiro Amemori
Date of foundation:1984 Capital:¥90.15 million
Number of employees:40
Country where overseas business offi ce is located:China

Application example of reflective materials
Our industry-leading/unique technology

Self-developed refl ective materials which iridize refl ected light depending on the angle they are seen from

Many of the conventional reflective materials reflect only white light. However, our selfdeveloped reflective material has the feature of changing reflected light into iridescence depending on the angle they are seen from. Moreover, conventional refl ective materials used to have a defect of remarkable deterioration in refl ection brightness in case of emitting any specific color. However, our unique technology has succeeded in improving reflection brightness of multiple color refl ection. Moreover, we can also interweave yarn made by processing refl ective material with clothing fabric. This technology has the potential of a wide variety of utilization in the future besides fashion-related applications.

Description of our business

Planning, manufacturing, and marketing of the products using refl ective materials
▪Products using reflective materials (reflective transcription sheet, reflective yarn, reflective cloth, etc)
▪Marking materials (transfer labels, patches, special printing processing, etc)
▪Anticounterfeit products applying reflection technology

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