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Address:3-10 Tada Obama City, Fukui
       917-0026 Japan
Tel. +81-770-56-1234 Fax. +81-770-56-1160
Representative:Yoshihiro Kinoshita
Date of foundation:1944 Capital:¥50 million
Number of employees:90

Berthage using our fiber rope
Our industry-leading/unique technology

Comprehensive manufacturer of fi ber ropes providing high-performance ropes for ship and vessel

We have gained high percentage of market share nationwide especially in the fi eld of ropes for ship and vessel. Exerting our excellent capabilities in developing new technologies and products, we have manufactured high-performance products. Conventional ropes for ship and vessel have been manufactured using single material. However, our “CE COMPOUND ROPE” is quite an innovative one made by fi tting plural materials together. This new rope excels in abrasion resistance and shows little deterioration in intensity when soaked into water. Thus, we succeeded in drastically improving rope performance which conventional types using single material could not attain.

Description of our business

Manufacturing and marketing of fi ber ropes
▪Natural fi ber and synthetic fi ber ropes
▪Nets made of fi ber
▪Belts made of fi ber

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