Address:2-7-40 Kaminaka-cho Sabae City, Fukui
       916-8550 Japan
Tel. +81-778-54-8000 Fax. +81-778-54-8040
E-mail address:info@urase.co.jp
Representative:Junichi Mori
Date of foundation:1918 Capital:¥360 million
Number of employees:258

Clothing products processed by our formal black dyeing and finishing technology

Our industry-leading/unique technology

We rank fi rst in the market share nationwide in formal black dyeing and fifi nishing process of polyester fabric.

We have made special processing in the dyeing and finishing of polyester fabric in order to increase the density of black color. This processing technology has been applied especially to front fabric for formal wear centering on ladies’ ceremonial garment. We started this processing method about 25 years ago and now we rank fi rst in the domestic market share (approximately 60 percent) in the amount of formal black processing of polyester fabric. We have a variety of processing technologies such as water repellent treatment, absorption and quick-drying, thermal storage, etc through long years of our technical innovation.

Description of our business

▪High functionality processing as well as dyeing and printing of a wide variety of fabric materials (clothing, fabric materials for interior, industrial materials, and materials for sports)
▪Planning and marketing of a wide variety of textile products
▪Development of processing technology for clothing and fabric materials used for interior accessories
▪Development of high functionality processing technology and use application of industrial materials

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