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Tel.81-776-56-4006 Fax.+81-776-56-4007
Representative:Naoko Kazuma
Date of foundation:1984 Capital:\30million
Number of employees:260
Country where overseas business office is located: China

Joint Panel

Our industry-leading/unique technology

We developed the world's first panel curtain which can be attached to a single rail.

Our panel curtain has flat surface which gives us no oppressing feeling compared with conventional curtains with corrugated appearance. Like a painting, you can enjoy its fabric design which changes the entire impression of your room drastically. It has a unique way of attaching to the rail. Unlike panel curtains attached by using new plural rails, you can attach a set of panel curtains to one rail. If you use general double rails, you can also attach two sets of panel curtains dually.

Description of our business

・ Integrated production activities of the products concentrating on curtains
・Business operation to specialized stores, residential builders, etc.
・Proposals of new products suitable for each different season and development of new material
・Operation of directly-managed stores
・DTP (ink jet) business

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