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Address:5-30-1 Ose-cho Fukui City, Fukui
       918-8063 Japan
Tel. +81-776-23-1639 Fax. +81-776-27-4726
Representative:Kazuo Shimizu
Contact person:Eiji Shimizu
Date of foundation:1956 Capital:¥10 million
Number of employees:36
Number of employees: 36

Coloring processed auto parts after hard alumite processing
Our industry-leading/unique technology

We developed coloring process technology on the surface of platingprocessed hard alumite which had been regarded technically diffifi cult.

Alumite processing refers to plating processing exclusively used for aluminum. Hard alumite processing refers to processing technology which provides aluminum with higher hardness and greater anti-abrasion property. Our self-developed production process and dye enabled coloring process technology on the surface of plating-processed hard alumite which used to be regarded technically difficult. Our new technology has realized coloring with wide color variations besides white color. Currently, this new technology is mainly applied to auto parts because of its high hardness and the property of the plating that is fi rmly fi xed to the surface without coming off easily.

Description of our business

A wide variety of plating processes
▪Hard chrome, nickel chrome, alumite, hard alumite, electroless nickel, zinc plating, black oxide finish, luberite, buffi ng, and matte fi nish

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