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Address:2-1-5 Kitago Echizen City, Fukui
       915-8515 Japan
Headquarters offi ce:2-6-1 Ohtemachi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tel. +81-778-21-8140 Fax. +81-778-23-8538
Representative:Shunzo Mor(i President and CEO)
Norifumi Yoshida(General Manager of Takefu Plant)
Takehisa Minowa(General Manager of Magnetic Materials Research Center)
Date of foundation:1926 Establishment of Takefu Plant:1945
Capital:¥119419 million
Number of employees:2,695 employees in single business offi ce
1,100 employees in Takefu Plant
Country where overseas business offi ce is located( rare earth magnet business):
USA, Germany, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, China

Neodymium sintered magnet

Our industry-leading/unique technology

The Technology to Create High Quality Neodymium Sintered Magnets; Possessing the Highest Heat Resistance in the World, It is Compact, Yet Powerful.

Neodymium Sintered Magnets, aside from being an essential material in manufacturing hybrid vehicles, are ideal in reducing size and conserving energy in electronic equipments. They are used in various ways which affect our daily lives; motors in hybrid cars, many home appliances and various industrial sectors all make use of Neodymium Sintered Magnets. Applying our self-developed manufacturing technology, we manufacture high quality neodymium sintered magnets with the world’s highest heat-resistance. As the only supplier in the world with a manufacturing line which handles all areas in the manufacturing process, from raw material processing to assembly, we guarantee high quality and reliability in our products.

Description of our business

Manufacturing and marketing of organic and inorganic chemicals, electronics materials, functional materials, etc
▪Polyvinyl chloride, silicones, methanol, caustic soda, etc
▪Semiconductor silicon, organic materials for electronics industry, rare earth magnets for electronics industry, photoresists, etc
▪Rare earth magnets, rare earth, synthetic quartz, etc
▪Export of technology and/or plant, export and import of commercial products, construction, mending, etc

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