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Address:45-300 Shimizusugitani-cho Fukui City, Fukui
       910-3607 Japan
Tel. +81-776-98-2233 Fax. +81-776-98-3888
Representative:Hiroaki Kubo
Date of foundation:1985 Capital:¥60 million
Number of employees:110

A wide variety of heat transfer caution labels attached to car seat belts etc

Our industry-leading/unique technology

Our heat transfer caution labels with permanent adhesion property have been adopted by all the auto makers in Japan.

We have supplied all the auto makers nationwide with heat transfer caution labels attached to sun visors and seat belts and rank fi rst in the domestic market share in manufacturing these caution labels. We established our self-developed technology of heat transfer labels which are fi xed fi rmly and never come off even under harsh conditions cars are exposed to such as car bodies with torrid heat under sunburst, countless times of buckling and unbuckling of seat belts, etc. We have pursued better permanent adhesive performance of labels which fi t the best to each different material to be adhered. Moreover, quality fl uctuation has been eliminated by our thoroughgoing quality control.

Description of our business

▪Manufacturing and marketing of heat transfer labels
▪Manufacturing and marketing of heat transfer press machine

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