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Address:1-414 Wadanaka Fukui City, Fukui
       918-8515 Japan
Tel. +81-776-23-2912 Fax. +81-776-21-7402
Representative:Hajime Kiyokawa
Date of foundation:1963 Capital:¥40 million
Number of employees:230

A photo of the inner side of a mobile phone where nano-level plated components are used

Our industry-leading/unique technology

Nano-level plating technology contributing to miniaturization, weight and power saving of electronic components

It is plating that holds various sorts of components together such as printed circuit boards, semiconductors, electronic components, etc. Making full use of our plating technology knowhow accumulated since the beginning of our business, we realized plating process of several tens of nanometers thick. This technology enabled reduction of joint area by plating process and, hence, realized miniaturization of semiconductors and electronic components. This selfdeveloped technology has greatly contributed to further miniaturization and weight saving of mobile devices such as cellular phones etc. This is the technology with the potential for further material reduction and energy saving.

Description of our business

A wide variety of galvanic electroplating, electroless deposition, high functionality plating, conversion coating treatment, etc
▪Plating technology applied to printed circuit boards, rectangular chip parts
▪Plating treatment of metal fi lm resistors, meta(l oxide)fi lm fusing resistors

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