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Address:32-2-1 Kawasari-cho Sabae City, Fukui
       916-0088 Japan
Tel. +81-778-62-3700 Fax. +81-778-62-3701
Representative:Kiyoaki Sakai
Date of foundation:1963 Capital:¥97.5 million
Number of employees:170

“Non-cutter pack”, an air cellular cushioning material, which
can be cut easily with our hands without using scissors
Our industry-leading/unique technology

We have been constantly striving to create new products as the comprehensive manufacturer of synthetic resin products.

Conventional air cellular cushioning materials made of polyethylene are usually cut with scissors or cutters. This product, however, enables us to cut in the width direction with our hands easily. This enables dramatic improvement of packing efficiency. This is one of the examples of new functions invented not only through combination of four different kinds of extrusion processing products we have developed and manufactured, but also through secondary processing of these products.

Description of our business

Sakai Chemical Group has conducted four extrusion processing projects, that is, fi lms using plastic as their material, Minafoam (foamed polyethylene), Mina pack (air cellular cushioning material), and Minadan (plastic cardboard). We have further developed products with new functions by combining these four different kinds of products and also by their secondary processing.

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