Address:36 Fujiwashizuka Harue-cho Sakai City, Fukui
      919-0411 Japan
Tel. +81-776-51-5100 Fax. +81-776-51-5103
Representative:Masao Kobayashi
Contact person:Toru Fukiage
Date of foundation:1884 Capital:¥25 million
Number of employees:70

An automated foodstuff incrusting machine which automatically incrusts ingredient with dough

Our industry-leading/unique technology

We are the world-leading company in manufacturing automated foodstuff incrusting machinery which enable automatic incrusting of ingredient with dough.

Because of the difficulty in mechanizing the delicate working process, arranging the shape of bread after putting sweet bean jam into it (incrusting ingredient with dough) has been still carried out primarily by hand. However, our self-developed automated foodstuff incrusting machines have an innovative feature of automatically incrusting the ingredient with dough without damaging its surface, enabling us to make bread with better quality than the one made by hand. They have been adopted by many bread makers both at home and abroad and we ranks fi rst in the market share worldwide (approximately 95 percent) in manufacturing automated foodstuff incrusting machinery. Besides being able to streamline the working process, they can incrust the ingredient in a moment. This quick food processing has helped us develop new food products such as bread with juicy, soft, and plentiful ingredient in it etc.

Description of our business

Development, manufacturing, and marketing of automated food processing machinery
…Sweet bean jam incrusting machines (one-row, tworows, three-rows, and four-rows type), filling and incrusting machines, steaming mixers, oar type kneaders, rice shaping machines, pizza shaping machines, etc

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