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Address:38-1 Aida Wakasa Town, Fukui
      919-1397 Japan
Tel. +81-770-45-2211 Fax. +81-770-45-9010
Representative:Shigeru Koga
Contact person:Yasuhiro Kobayashi
Date of foundation:1948 Capital:¥1954.83 million
Number of employees:226(Fukui factory)
Country where overseas business offi ce is located:USA, Indonesia, Vietnam

Ultra-low noise type generator

Our industry-leading/unique technology

We provide engine generators with high thermal efficiency and low fuel consumption rate which have the greatest market share in Japan.

Our engine generators are economical compared with other engines and turbines due to their high thermal efficiency and low fuel consumption rate. They have been adopted in various facilities as the emergency power source for medical equipment in the hospitals, smoke-extraction measure, computers for offices and factories, on-line system of banks, etc. as well as in time of disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes, fire disasters, etc.
They are also available not only for load current of inverters, thyristors, and computer control, but also for illumination for various events, precision machinery, measuring equipment, etc.

Description of our business

Manufacturing and marketing of generators, welding machines, compressors, etc
…Engine generators, engine welding machines, engine compressors, etc

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