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Address:48-113-3 Yonozu Mikuni-cho Sakai City, Fukui
      913-0036 Japan
Tel. +81-776-50-1400 Fax. +81-776-50-1401
Representative:Hideyuki Yamada
Date of foundation:1970 Capital:¥50 million
Number of employees:58
Country where overseas business offi ce is located:China

Machine to rectify weft distortion generated in the processing operation of woven and knitted fabric
Our industry-leading/unique technology

The world’s only dual-mode detection method with double detecting functions

We employ dual-mode detection method with double detecting function consisting of the world’ s fi rst moire detection and zooming slit detection. Therefore, weft can be detected free from any infl uence of twill lines by determining weft density taking advantage of moire phenomenon generated through the use of densimeter. Moreover, detection was made possible not only for clothing fabric in which moire phenomenon is less likely to be generated, but also for highdensity woven fabric whose weft density is 450 threads per inch by optically optimizing the size of detection slit according to the type of fabric to be detected.

Description of our business

Manufacturing and marketing of machine products for textile industry
▪Weft straightener
▪Centering equipment

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