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Address:21-2-1 Shiromaru-cho Echizen City, Fukui
      915-0857 Japan
Tel. +81-778-24-3666 Fax. +81-778-24-3719
Representative:Michitsugu Kono
Contact person:Michiro Kono
Date of foundation:1954 Capital:¥50 million
Number of employees:44

Products manufactured applying clad materials
Our industry-leading/unique technology

We are the leading company nationwide in manufacturing dissimilar metal composite materials( clad materials) for cutlery.

Composite materials composed of more than two kinds of dissimilar metals have high functional capabilities with advantages of each metal. We supply a wide variety of cutlery materials not only for household use but for use in industrial machinery mainly to cutlery production areas both at home and abroad and rank first in the market share nationwide in manufacturing dissimilar metal composite materials (clad materials) for cutlery. We also cater to the demands for nonferrous composite materials such as titanium, copper, aluminum, etc. Thus, besides cutlery, we have successfully developed the new fi eld of industrial materials such as special metal molds, electrodes, etc.

Description of our business

Production by order and marketing of clad metals (jointing materials of dissimilar metals), various types of our original cutlery steel( V Steel)

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