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Address:1-1701 Wadahigashi Fukui City, Fukui
      918-8237 Japan
Tel. +81-776-58-3500 Fax. +81-776-58-3550
E-mail address:info@fi
Representative:Mamoru Takamizawa
Date of foundation:1996 Capital:¥60 million
Number of employees:17

Our laser welding machine which fuses resin components together applying laser

Our industry-leading/unique technology

We pioneered the development of laser resin welding and succeeded in developing laser resin welding machinery.

We pioneered the development of machines for welding resins together by focusing on laser resin welding. Laser welding is a new technology to fuse resin applying laser heat without using any adhesives. This new welding method improves external appearance of resin components after welding processing. Besides this, laser beam control enabled by adjusting laser beam diameter has such advantages as little surface distortion of the welded resin caused by heat and precise welding of thin resin components.

Description of our business

▪Designing, manufacturing, and marketing of laserrelated products
▪Designing, manufacturing, and marketing of ultrahigh precision positioning stages
▪Designing, manufacturing, and marketing of other precision machinery
※Laser resin welding machinery
Our self-developed system of mass-producing a wide variety of machinery and other products ranging from 30W to large output machines, output tracks control, manufacturing of jigs, etc
※Large-size ultrahigh precision positioning stages
Designing and manufacturing of small scale to large scale high performance and high precision positioning stages

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