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Addres:2-1-6 Hinode Fukui City,Fukui
910-0859 Japan
Tel.+81-776-27-8380  Fax.+81-776-27-4581
Representative:Shigeru Inoue

Date of foundation:1947 Capital:¥100million

Number of employees:137

1.Quake-absorbing Expansion Joint Cover

2.Three-dimensional vibration table
3.A photo of construction site

Our industry-leading/unique technology

We developed Expansion Joint Cover available for seismic isolation buildings as well.

Clearance gap providing for great movement of seismic isolation buildings in case of earthquakes is arranged for the joint part connecting the bedding and those buildings or conventional non-seismic isolation buildings. Quake-absorbing Expansion Joint Cover refers to the covering material used for this clearance gap. This covering material must have the function to prevent it from being destroyed or dropping out in case of earthquakes. Therefore, the safety of our covering material has been confirmed by using our self-developed vibration table.

Description of our business

Manufacturing and distribution of “SILVERLINE”, our aluminum exterior building material
・Distribution and construction of building materials
・Distribution of products related to environmental energy
・Management of service stations

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