Addres:6-1 Kawasari-cho Sabae City,Fukui
    916-8555 Japan
Tel.+81-778-52-4141  Fax.+81-778-52-5062
Representative:Masao Miyaji
Date of foundation:1968 Capital:¥617.52million
Number of employees:669

Eyewear produced by using “excellence titanium”


Our industry-leading/unique technology

We developed a new material for eyewear frames which gives the customers comfort they have never experienced before.

We have pursued eyewear frames which are cozy and comfortable to wear and independently developed a new material, “excellence titanium”. This new material has the combination of all the properties required for eyewear frames, that is, 1) intensity, 2) lightness, 3) corrosion resistance, and 4) nickel-free. In addition, we employed this new material for the temples by taking advantage of “ultra-elasticity”, the fifth property of excellence titanium which makes eyewear frames bend softly and return naturally to their original position. This property gives the customers comfort for a long time which makes them feel as if their heads were wrapped softly. We have the largest market share in Japan in the production of eyewear frames.

Description of our business
We have consistently conducted business ranging from marketing, planning and development of products, designing to manufacturing, and distribution of eyewear frames and thus developed our business in eighty countries around the world. By taking advantage of our micromachining technology we have developed through our eyewear frames business, we have also started manufacturing and distribution of advanced medical equipment.

Eyewear frames produced by our laser micromachining technology with non-conventional excellent design and functionality combined together.

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