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Address:2-2-11 Kitano-cho Sabae City, Fukui
      916-8508 Japan
Tel. +81-778-52-3409 Fax. +81-778-52-0610
Representative:Kanenori Tabata
Contact Person:Akinori Anakura
Date of foundation:1966 Capital:¥85 million
Number of employees:170

Our multi-colored 18-karat gold eyewear frames
Our industry-leading/unique technology

We are the only company worldwide which manufactures multi-colored 18-karat gold eyewear frames.

Conventional 18-karat gold eyewear frames widely marketed so far came in only two different colors of gold and white. Hence, they lacked abundant color variations to meet not only the users’ demand to purchase and wear different types of eyewear for use in various situations, but diversified tastes and preference users came to have for the eyewear they choose and purchase. Focusing on this recent trend of eyewear users, we succeeded in manufacturing 18-karat gold eyewear frames of rich color variations. Currently, we manufacture eyewear frames which come in seven different colors of gold, white, green, orange, champagne, sepia, rose, and grey. We are the only company worldwide to manufacture multi-colored 18-karat gold eyewear frames.

Description of our business

Research & development, designing, manufacturing, and marketing of high-class eyewear frames and sunglasses (Titanium alloy frames, 18-karat gold frames, and magnesium alloy frames)

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