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Address:87-1 Totani-cho Echizen City, Fukui
      915-0003 Japan
Tel. +81-778-25-6700 Fax. +81-778-25-6702
Representative:Kazuo Matsushita
Date of foundation:1970 Capital:¥50 million
Number of employees:180
Country where overseas business offi ce is located:
USA, UK, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China

Infrared wireless microphone system
Our industry-leading/unique technology

We rank fifi rst in the market share nationwide( approximately 55 percent)
in manufacturing infrared wireless microphones.

Wireless microphones using electric wave have such problems as bugging and interference with other microphones. Therefore, we developed new wireless microphones using infrared rays to eliminate these problems. Currently, our infrared wireless microphones have been widely used in karaoke studios, conference rooms of communal facilities, etc. Electric wave wireless microphones manufactured by audio-technica group have also been widely used for live telecast of the Olympic Games held in the past as well as for the concerts by famous musicians at home and abroad. Thus, we have accumulated steady business performance and gained a reputation for high reliability.

Description of our business

Manufacturing of electric machinery and appliances
▪Microphone system
▪Audio-related equipment
▪Laser-applied equipment

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