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Address:10-9 Shimohirabuki-cho Echizen City, Fukui
      915-0855 Japan
Tel. +81-778-22-1500 Fax. +81-778-22-3111
Representative:Toshinori Tanaka
Date of foundation:1934 Capital:¥100 million
Number of employees:210
Country where overseas business offi ce is located:Thailand

Electric cables for arc welding robots designed for automotive manufacturing

Our industry-leading/unique technology

We rank fifi rst in the market share nationwide( approximately 30 percent)in manufacturing electric cables for arc welding robots designed for automotive manufacturing.

We have developed a wide variety of electric mobile cables to provide industrial robots in motion with electric power and signals. Our products, which excel in decay durability for strenuous movement, bending, and twisting, have been supplied primarily to the production lines of auto makers. Moreover, we have devised new cable confi guration to eliminate partial concentration of cable distortion even when cables are bent. This bending-resistant cable was enabled by our new electric conductor manufactured by stranding ultra-fi ne wires each of which is thinner than a hair.

Description of our business

Manufacturing of electric wires and cables
▪Mobile cables for use in plants and factories( VCT, VCTF)
▪Communication cables( indoor cable for communication and LAN cable)
▪Optical fi ber cables and cable assembly of optical fi ber cable
▪Products related to cable assembly( power supply cord for submersible pump, float switches for water level control, wiring harness)
▪Magnet wires (coil)


We rank fi rst in the domestic market share (approximately 70 percent)in manufacturing float switches for submersible pumps.

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