jig.jp co.,ltd.

Address:Japan Optical Center 8F, 2-3-4
      Shinyokoe Sabae City, Fukui 916-0042 Japan
Headquarters offi ce:Forecast Shinjuku Avenue 10F, 2-5-12
      Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022 Japan
Tel. +81-3-5367-3891 Fax. +81-3-3350-1043
E-mail address:info@jig.jp
Representative:Taisuke Fukuno
Contact person:Teruko Nemoto
Date of foundation:2003 Capital:¥77.25 million
Number of employees:About 50

jig.jp co.,ltd.
Picture image of the latest version of “jig browser Lite”
Our industry-leading/unique technology

We developed new application software which enables browsing websites for PC on mobile phone screens.

We developed “jig browser”, application software which enables browsing websites on mobile phone screens intended for PC. This is the first downloadable full browser used for mobile phones, whose users have totaled over eight million since 2004 when we started offering this browsing service. Unlike PC, the capacity of application software for mobile phones is small.
Therefore, we sped up the capacity by the millisecond, while cutting down the capacity by the byte per second. Thus, we realized comfortable and responsive mobile phone browsing.

Description of our business

Planning, development, and provision of software centering on mobile
▪“jig browser”…PC site browser for mobile phones
▪“jigtwi”…Client application of Twitter for mobile phones
▪“jig movie”…Prolonged video delivery, viewing and listening tool for mobile phones, etc

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