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Address:1-3-1 Toyoshima Fukui City, Fukui
      910-8510 Japan
Tel. +81-776-20-3570 Fax. +81-776-20-3574
Representative:Akira Mitani
Date of foundation:1946 Capital:¥5008.69 million
Number of employees:1,944 employees with all the
business offi ces combined
Country where overseas business offi ce is located:Thailand (Bangkok)

Magnified images of a 10 yen coin displayed by the focus composition technology

Our industry-leading/unique technology

We are ranked first in the market share nationwide in manufacturing computer software for microscope image processing.

In observing precision electronic components with a microscope, you are often confronted with such problems as limited scope of the fi eld depth etc. We have developed computer software to eliminate these problems. Focus composition technology we developed enables image display which is visually in focus at any position even if the sample has uneven surface. Besides this, it has also succeeded in generating three-dimensional image from multiple two-dimensional images.

Description of our business

We are a general trading company which has developed, manufactured, and marketed products and articles related to information systems, construction, energy, and general livingware. Since our establishment in 1914, we have steadily thrived and developed thanks to constant support by our customers. Currently, we have approximately fi fty branches nationwide with local offices and affiliated companies abroad, catering to sophisticated and diversified customer demands. We will continue to make our various business activities even more complete, regarding good communication with our customers as the very basis of our corporate activities.

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