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Address: 13-23 Minamioyama-cho Echizen City, Fukui
       915-0022 Japan
Tel. +81-778-27-1556 Fax. +81-778-27-2757
E-mail address:
Representative: Kazuhiro Yamaguchi
Contact person: Hitomi Yamaguchi
Date of foundation: 1963 Capital: ¥10 million
Number of employees: 30

Wallpaper made by applying Japanese paper with hemp used as raw material

Our industry-leading/unique technology

We manufacture Japanese paper with high functionality made by paper manufacturing machinery used for paper yarn, wall paper, etc.

We supply Japanese paper used for paper yarn. Besides this, we supply Japanese paper used for wallpaper etc to an American interior material manufacturer with the brand name “MAYA ROMANOFF”. Strength of Japanese paper for paper yarn is increased by blending hemp with long fi bers in the process of paper making. We can also increase deodorant effect by blending deodorant into Japanese paper. Highly sophisticated technique is required to manufacture ultra-thin Japanese paper by blending strong fi bers such as hemp. We accept orders of these kinds of Japanese paper from small lots and manufacture them to order.

Description of our business

Manufacturing and marketing of Japanese paper made by paper manufacturing machines
…Traditional Japanese paper, unprocessed paper for wallpaper and paper yarn, and a wide variety of paper with various functions

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