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Address:38-9-1 Saso Echizen Town, Fukui
      916-0144 Japan
Tel. +81-778-34-2333 Fax. +81-778-34-2687
Representative:Osamu Saito
Date of foundation:1949 Capital:¥19.6 million
Number of employees:22

Our industry-leading/unique technology

Production of KOROGI brand marimbas which have been greatly praised by the world’s leading professional musicians.

A marimba is the collective name for keyboard mallet percussions with l.3ow tones. We are the world’s only integrated manufacturer of marimbas which produces sound boards out of raw wood and our KOROGI brand musical instruments have been marketed worldwide. Excellent quality of our marimbas has been recognized by the world’s many leading professional musicians and they came to be used extensively for various concerts held at concert halls worldwide. By repeating visual checks and sound detection many times, we have strived to manufacture perfect sound boards to maintain homogenization of sound quality which is the absolute requirement for excellent musical instruments. This is exactly where long years of excellent skills and expertise of our technical experts shine even more prominently.

Description of our business

Manufacturing musical instruments
* Various kinds of xylophones such as marimbas etc
* Various kinds of metallophones such as glockenspiels, etc
* Small percussions

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