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Address: 24-10 Hiyoshi-cho Ono City, Fukui
       912-0051 Japan
Tel. +81-779-65-1400 Fax. +81-779-65-1403
E-mail address:
Representative: Hiroshi Yamauchi (Contact person)
Date of foundation: 2003 Capital: ¥3 million
Number of employees: 2

Japanese drums made by applying paper tubes
Our industry-leading/unique technology

We manufacture Japanese drums called “taiko” with their shells made of paper tubes and batter heads made of canvas.

Cow leather, horse leather, etc have been used for conventional Japanese drums called “taiko” with natural wood used for their shells. Therefore, they are very expensive. We developed new Japanese drums called “New Percussion Yamako” with their shells made of recycled paper tubes and batter heads made of canvas. They are marketed as the eco-friendly musical instruments with reasonable prices. Changing the canvas colors and fabric materials enable different color variations and sound quality. Besides this, it is also possible to bind drums together and build them up into a large set of drums.

Description of our business

Development and manufacturing of Japanese drums by combining paper tubes and canvas

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