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Address:5-1-5 Nakaho Ono City, Fukui
      912-0014 Japan
Tel. +81-779-65-3847 Fax. +81-779-65-4828
Representative:Yoshiharu Uchiyama
Date of foundation:1988 Capital:¥5 million
Number of employees:5

Scissors for hairdressers and beauticians
Our industry-leading/unique technology

Highly wrought, handmade scissors for hairdressers and beauticians crafted piece by piece

Japan’s hairdressing techniques have maintained the world’s highest level. Hairdressers who participate in the world hairdressing competition representing Japan use our scissors.
Since they are required to demonstrate their highly accurate hairdressing techniques in this competition, we supply them with crafted scissors whose blade edge is exactly 0.3 mm thick and 0.3 mm in width. We have approximately 100 kinds of scissors for hairdressers and beauticians, almost all of which have been crafted respectively to order. Our scissors have been crafted applying the techniques of skilled craftmen who can cater to high-level requirements of each professional user.

Description of our business

Production and marketing of scissors for hairdressers and beauticians

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