Be more friendly to our environment.LED illumination, portable electric storage device, and LED liquid crystal TV

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Be more friendly to our environment. LED illumination, portable electric storage device, and LED liquid crystal TV
 We have developed products with the lowest power consumption in Japan in the field of liquid crystal TV, whose technical capabilities we boast, by taking advantage of the feature of LED backlighting and also by orchestrating our wide variety of technical capabilities we have cultivated in the development and designing of audio-video equipment for over fifty years since our foundation. In LED illumination, we developed the world's first extremely energy-saving LED light bulb requiring no dimmer and equipped with switching unit enabling three-stage luminance only by on-off flip. Moreover, our portable electric storage device changes DC electricity into alternating current (AC), the same electric current as household wall sockets. Therefore, you can use electric appliances without anxiety in an emergency and also out of doors. In addition, this device can back up your PC etc perfectly, because it instantly switches to built-in power source in case of electric power failure.



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