Cloth woven up in our factory

We provide cloth for lightweight and high-density down jackets.

Down proof cloth
 Our down proof cloth is woven by super-ultrafine yarn in highly-condensed manner. Therefore, Not only does it prevent plumage from coming out through the cloth without applying coating processing on it, but also it enabled weight saving. Our integrated production system ranging from warping, weaving to product inspection has led to stabilization of weaving performance. Down proof cloth we manufacture has also been adopted by brand leaders in the world.



[ Descreiption of our business ]

▪Manufacturing and distribution of outer wear for outdoor activities (ultra-lightweight and high-density fabric)
▪Manufacturing and distribution of men's and women's inner garment (bare jersey stretch knitting)

・ アウトドア向けアウター衣料(超軽量・高密度織物)の製造・販売
・ メンズ・レディース向けインナー用途(ベア天竺ストレッチ編物)の製造・販売