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202 Nagamoto-cho Fukui City, Fukui 910-8560 Japan
Tel. +81-776-52-8000
Fax. +81-776-52-8001
Representative:Hidesada Mitani
Contact person:Yuuji Yoshikawa
Date of foundation:1929
Capital:¥98 million
Number of employees:226

〒910-8560 福井市長本町202
代表者:代表取締役 見谷 英貞
担当者:吉川 裕二

“J-ROCK”, an earthfriendly bank protection block utilizing waste roof tiles

Precast concrete products which enable quick, natural growth of moth and algae



Processing waste roof tiles from demolition sites of houses in Fukui Prefecture, we mix them with concrete as aggregate.
By using concrete mixed with a lot of roughly broken waste roof tiles with high water absorption rate, plants take root and grow on the surface of bank protection blocks. When they are placed in the river wall, they are integrated naturally into the entire view of the river bank.
This enables not only protection of ecosystem in the river walls but also we can expect reduction of the amount of waste roof tiles that usually end up in landfilling disposal. Our bank protection blocks, therefore, can contribute to reducing environmental loading and constructing circulation type society.
In the present difficult situation where we have limit to the remaining capacity for waste roof tiles in the disposal sites and building new disposal sites is estimated to be even more difficult, our bank protection blocks provide assistance to restrain development of quarries and gathering of raw stones from natural ground by reusing waste materials.
Based on our concept to create more earth-friendly society through our concrete products and various methods and technology, we have contributed to infrastructure improvement indispensable to safety and security of our living.



Descreiption of our business

Designing, manufacturing, and marketing of precast concrete products

  • L-type retaining walls, box culverts, agricultural flumes, large masonry blocks, antifreezing equipment, high industrial-strength concrete, manholes, balancing reservoirs, and culverts


  • L型擁壁、ボックスカルバート、農業用フリューム、大型積ブロック、凍結防止装置、高耐久コンクリート、マンホール、調整池、排水溝

Construction example of precast concrete products which enable quick, natural growth of moth and algae


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