This website tells you excellent technologiesand techniques of the companies in Fukui.

Fukui Prefecture has excellent manufacturing technologies which have been the driving force for the development of the industries here such as textiles, eyeware, machinery, etc. Moreover, we have long years of high-tech accumulation through the collaboration of industries, universities, and government such as sophisticated utilization of laser, carbon fiber composite materials, etc. Here in Fukui, we have many companies manufacturing industrial products by making use of these excellent technologies whose market shares rank the first or top the list both at home and abroad. We also have many companies with self-developed world-class technologies in manufacturing components and materials which constitute integral part of high-tech products such as automobiles and information-related electric home appliances. This is another distinctive feature of the kompanies in Fukui Prefecture.

This website was compiled not only to improve the general image and name recognition of our manufacturing industry, but also to provide you with the opportunities to find corporate intormation and your business partners in Fukui Prefecture that would meet your needs. It tells you concisely about the information of manufacturing companies in Fukui Prefecture by classifying them from such viewpounts as the companies boasting of the greatest market shares both at home and abroad, those developed incomparable technologies, etc. It also tells you briefly in what kind of products the technologies and techniques developed in Fukui have been made use of. We do hope you will make use of this website to find the company which meets your needs in case of business negotiation, joint research, etc and also as the material for you to know various pieces of corporate information in Fukui Prefecture.

Introduction of Fukui Prefecture

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