Company name Name of Product or technology
FUJITATEAMI CO.,LTD. Our tricot warp knitting madhine
HATTA TATEAMI CO.,LTD. Mesh knit goods used for running shoes
INOUE RIBBON CO.,LTD. Our newly developed ribbon products created with ribbons as the processing material.
KAZUMA CO., LTD. Joint Panel
KOSUGI FABRIC INDUSTRY.,LTD. Belts for Japanese summer kimono
MAEDA KOSEN CO., LTD. Our large-size sandbag with weather resistance
MARUJIN CO.,LTD. Reflective materials
MITSUYA CO.,LTD. Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermo Plastics
NIPPON MAYER LTD. Seamless warp knitting Raschel machine
SAKASE ADTECH CO.,LTD. Triaxial fabric composite
SHINDO CO.,LTD. Actual SIC sample lists
TAKEDA LACE CO.,LTD. Knitted lace used for inner wear
URASE CORP. Formal black dyeing and finishing technology