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We rank first in the market share worldwide in manufacturing non halogen flame retardants.

Non halogen flame retardants
 In the field of flame retardants which make plastic products incombustible, we rank first in the market share worldwide in manufacturing non-halogen phosphoric flame retardants friendly to human body and the environment. Our product“ PX-200” excels in anti-hydrolytic property and heat resistance, realizing low volatility compared with conventional products. Moreover, we succeeded in powderizing it by making its purity higher than general liquid flame retardants.
 This newly-developed powdered flame retardant has garnered favorable reputation since it enables easy handling in resin processing.



[ Descreiption of our business ]

Manufacturing and distribution of organic chemical agents centering around plasticizers and flame retardants
▪Plasticizers…Phthalic acid ester, dibasic ester, etc
▪Flame retardant…Organophosphate( RDP, BPADP, PX-200, etc)
▪Metal extractant…Phosphonate ester( PC-88A) etc
・ 可塑剤…フタル酸エステル類、二酸基酸エステル類など
・ 難燃剤…リン酸エステル類(RDP、BPADP、PX-200など)