Carbon shafts with rich color variations

We rank first in the market share worldwide (approximately 90 percent) in surface treatment technology of carbon shafts used for golf.

Surface treatment technology of carbon shafts used for golf
 Most of the conventional carbon shafts for golf used to be coated with paint. However, we have created new carbon shafts with posh facon which look like metal shafts by plating metal film on the surface applying surface treatment method called ion plating. Thus, we have established our own self-developed technology which has solved such problems as durability, processing conditions, etc. This surface treatment method also enables processing from spherical objects to long objects, catering to the needs of mass production processing as well.



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Surface treatment and planning and marketing of eyewear frames
▪Precious metal plating(eyewear frames)
▪Platinum plating( electrodes and eyewear frames)
▪Electrodeposition coating, solvent coating( eyewear frames and electric home appliance chassis)
▪Ion plating(eyewear, sports wear, etc)


We rank first in the market share nationwide( approximately 60 percent) in surface treatment of metal eyewear frames.
Electrodepositioncoating technology which realized uniform film thickness even around small holes of TV speaker panel