2-4-7 Maruyama-cho Sabae City, Fukui 916-0019 Japan
Tel. +81-778-51-7155
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Representative:Hideyuki Moriya
Contact person:Keiichiro Moriya
Date of foundation:1988
Capital:¥10 million
Number of employees:8

〒916-0019 鯖江市丸山町2丁目4-7
代表者:代表取締役社長 森家 英幸  担当者:森家 圭一郎
設立年:1988年  資本金:1,000万円  従業員数:8名

Surface treatment agents which can remove microscopic burrs of electronic components, eyewear, medical equipment, etc

Surface treatment agents which can remove microscopic burrs

Photos comparing the effect of our surface treatment agent to remove microscopic burrs


Metal components used for various mechanical equipment consist of a wide variety of metals used for each intended purpose. In addition, they have been downsized with their shapes even more complicated year by year. We developed surface treatment agent with the brand name of “HOROCLEAN” to remove microscopic burrs of these downsized and complicated metal components when they are manufactured or processed. This self-developed technology can be applied to small components with complicated shapes whose burrs used to be quite difficult to be removed by conventional abrasion treatment based on physical method. This new technology has been applied to such fields as electronic components, eyewear, medical equipment, etc which never accept even the slightest amount of burrs on them.



Descreiption of our business

  • Manufacturing and marketing of chemical agents for chemical industry
    …Various types of our chemical treatment agent“ HOROCLEAN”
  • Designing and manufacturing of pollution prevention equipment
  • Maintenance of pollution prevention facilities
  • 化学工業薬品の製造、販売
  • 公害防止機器などの設計、製作
  • 公害防止施設の保守管理
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