1-414 Wadanaka Fukui City, Fukui 918-8515 Japan
Tel. +81-776-23-2912
Fax. +81-776-21-7402
Representative:Hajime Kiyokawa
Date of foundation:1963
Capital:¥40 million
Number of employees:270

〒918-8515 福井市和田中1丁目414
代表者:代表取締役社長 清川 肇
設立年:1963年  資本金:4,000万円  従業員数:270名

“Nano-level plating technology” contributing to miniaturization, weight reduction, and power saving of electronic components and semiconductor parts

Nano-level plating technology

Making full use of our know-how on plating technology we have accumulated since our foundation, we acquired the first ISO-14001 in our industry. Our “Nano-level plating technology” has enabled plating with the thickness of dozens of nanometers. (One nanometer is equivalent to one millionth of one millimeter.) Reduction of junction area by this technology has greatly contributed to miniaturization and weight reduction of automobiles, smartphones, etc. Moreover, since this technology leads to reduction of materials and saving energy, it is expected to be applied in various fields of industry as a core technology to support future nano-level joining technology by plating. We received Science and Technology Award by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science in recognition of the development of manufacturing method of conductive particles.


当社は、創業時より培っためっき技術のノウハウを駆使し、業界初のISO-14001を取得。「ナノめっき技術」 により、数十ナノメートルの厚さでめっき処理が可能です。(1ナノメートルは、100万分の1ミリメートルと同じです。)この技術は、接合面積を減らすことができるため、自動車、スマートフォンなどの電子機器の小型化や軽量化に大きく貢献しています。更に、この技術は、原料の削減や省エネ化にも繋がるため、将来のナノレベルのめっきによる接合技術を支える中核となる技術として、様々な産業分野での応用が期待されています。導電性微粒子の製造方法開発において文部科学大臣表彰 科学技術賞受賞

Descreiption of our business

A wide variety of galvanic electroplating, electroless deposition, high functionality plating, conversion coating treatment, etc

  • Plating technology applied to printed circuit boards, rectangular chip parts
  • Plating treatment of metal film resistors, metal(oxide)film fusing resistors


  • プリント基板、角型チップ部品へのめっき技術
  • 金属皮膜抵抗器、金属(酸化剤)皮膜ヒューズ抵抗器へのめっき処理
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