Base plates used for materials of optica communication components

We rank first in the market share worldwide (approximately 70 percent) in anufacturing wafers with thick thermal oxidized films used for base plates of optical communication components.

Base plates used for materials of optical communication components
 We are the first company nationwide specializing in a wide variety of film-forming processing on silicon wafers used for semiconductors and optical communication. Semiconductor industry has pursued thinner films on wafers up to several tens of nanometers. We focused attention on processing thick film by new thermal oxidation film processing. Our research and development enabled us to establish new technology to process and massproduce uniform and high-quality thermal oxidation films with the thickness of up to 25 micrometers. Maximum wafer size we can process is up to 12 inches.



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Development, manufacturing, and marketing of a wide variety of film-forming processed products on silicon wafers for semiconductors and optical communication