Ultraviolet absorbers (UVA) that dramatically prolong product age of plastic products We are the first UVA producer in Japan and have one of the largest domestic shares.

Ultraviolet absorbers
 Since our first success in developing ultraviolet absorbers in Japan, we have acquired many patents by making use of our unique technology and manufacturing how-know. We manufacture and sell additives such as ultraviolet absorbers and antioxidants for plastics and corrosion inhibitors for copper, etc.
 Ultraviolet absorbers can prevent plastic products from deteriorating and dramatically prolong their product age by cutting off ultraviolet included in the sunlight. Our ultraviolet absorbers have been utilized for polycarbonate plates used for the windows of Shinkansen and for organic electroluminescence display adopted for headlights of vehicle, bumpers, seat covers, seat belts, personal computers, TVs, and smart phones and also for eyeglasses and contact lenses. We have one of the largest domestic shares.

プラスチック製品の製品寿命を飛躍的に延ばす紫外線吸収剤 販売数量は国内シェアトップクラスです。


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Manufacturing and sales of ultraviolet absorbers for plastics