Brushless DC motor

We have the largest market share worldwide in fan motors for high efficiency air conditioner.

Brushless DC motor for electric power tools
 In recent years, energy and resource saving of motors has been required. It is a brushless DC motor that meets this demand. We succeeded in developing fan motors for air-conditioners driven by direct current (brushless DC) for the first time in the industry and they were mounted in the world's first inverter air conditioners produced on a commercial basis. Resin mold technique we introduced has further advanced downsizing, noise-reduction, and high-efficiency of our motors and we have attained the position of the largest world market share in brushless DC motors mounted in air conditioners.



[ Descreiption of our business ]

Development, manufacturing and distribution of various types of medium and small sized motors for air-conditioning and for industrial use, motors for electric power tools, instruments applying motors, etc.
▪Magnet wires( coil)


Brushless DC motor for electric power tools