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E-mail address:info@yamada-giken.co.jp
Representative:Tadayuki Yamada
Date of foundation:1987
Capital:¥10 million
Number of employees:12

〒918-8015 福井市花堂南2-5-12
代表者:代表取締役 山田忠幸
設立年:1987年 資本金:1,000万円 従業員数:12名

Sensors monitoring road surface freezing and snow depth during the winter season which are useful on expressways etc

Road surface Measurement Sensor and Winter Weather Measurement Sensor

Road surface Measurement Sensor and Winter Weather Measurement Sensor


Our self-developed road surface sensors to observe snow depth as well as weather sensors to monitor freezing condition of road surface during the winter season are essential technologies not only for snow removal on the road but for rationalizing operations to prevent road surface freezing. These two types of sensors enable not only energy-saving control of snow melting system but providing the drivers with road information in real time on snowfall and/or freeze on road surface to call their attention. Besides these technologies, we developed on-vehicle sensors to measure the salinity of anti-freezing agent spread on the road surface, contributing to preventing freeze on the road.



Descreiption of our business

Development and marketing of sensors to measure snow and ice conditions during the winter season

  • Road Surface Measurement Sensor "NEW ROAD EYE"
  • Winter Weather Measurement Sensor "WINTER SENSOR"
  • Salinity Sensor System on-vehicle
  • Road Patrol support system by transmitting picture images


  • 路面センサー
  • 冬季気象センサー
  • 車載式塩分濃度システム
  • パトロール画像伝送システム
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