Eyewear frames made of carbo-titan “BLACK ICE”
カーボチタン製メガネフレーム「BLACK ICE」

We independently developed lightweight and high-intensity material for eyewear made of composite material of carbon fiber and titanium.

 Conventional optical frames made of plastic had a defect of low form stability.
 We developed “carbo-titan” as the new material suitable for optical frame through the process of our application and improvement by blending carbon fiber and reinforced resin followed by blending of titanium etc. into this compound as the reinforcing agent according to our original ratio. This “carbo-titan” has the properties of lightweight and high-intensity and excels in heat resistance, durability, corrosion resistance, and form stability. Thus, we succeeded in eliminating the defect of conventional plastic material.



[ Descreiption of our business ]

Planning, designing, manufacturing, and distribution of optical frames, sunglasses, reading glasses, and fashion glasses. Private label“ Banerino”,“ Banerina”,“ BLACK ICE”,“ Megane Iincho!!”, and“ LADY man.”

オリジナルブランド「Banerino」「Banerina」「BLACK ICE」「めがね委員長!!」「LADY man.」