Mechanism of our cross grip nut with slackening prevention function

The world's smallest nut with slackening prevention device developed by our high-integrity accurate cutting work technology

Cross grip nut with slackening prevention function
 Ordinary types of nuts gradually slaken as time passes due to constant vibration, impact shock, etc. To eliminate this problem, we developed the world's smallest nuts named Cross Grip Nuts with slackening prevention function. Our Cross Grip Nut has self-developed round and hollow projecting portion on it. This part is divided evenly into four sections by cross-shaped slots with the same groove as the nut crozed inside. When a nut is entwisted into a screw, this portion on the nut is expanded outward. Then the repulsive force created by its expansion is converged on central part of the screw. As a result, this portion grips the screw tightly and the screw is firmly tightened by the nut. This is the product created by high-integrity accurate cutting work technology at which we highly excel. Currently this nut has also been employed as auto parts etc besides eyewear frames.



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(nuts with slackening prevention device etc)