Comparison of polarizing lenses

We have gained high percentage (over 40 percent) of the market share worldwide in manufacturing sight corrective high refraction polarizing lenses.

High refractive polarizing lenses
 Refraction index of conventional polarizing lenses was as low as 1.50. In addition, the lens edge used to be thick and the whole weight was heavy. Making full use of our self-developed technology, we succeeded in eliminating these defects by developing polarizing lenses with thin edge and supply them to major lens manufacturers both at home and abroad. They are manufactured first by casting liquid resin with high refraction index into the mold form for lenses. Then, polarizing film which is 40 micrometers thick is inserted into the liquid resin so that it is evenly kept in a given position from the lens surface and, thereby, polarizing lens with over 1.60 refraction index is molded.



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