Nakanishi Vision Corporation

54-2-27 Shimoemori-cho, Fukui City 918-8037 Japan
Representative:Keiichi Nakanishi (Representative Director)
Date of foundation:1977
Number of employees:230

〒918-8037 福井市下江守町54-2-27
代表者:代表取締役社長 中西 敬一
設立年:1977年  資本金:5,000万円  従業員数:230名

Nakanishi Vision is the only company applying double injection molding technology to eyeglass frames.

Double injection molding

Nakanishi Vision is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of eyeglass frames and lenses, supporting some of the world’s most visible eyewear brands in the luxury, sport and lifestyle categories.
  Fukui has long been recognized in Japan and around the world as a manufacturing center for high quality eyeglass frames and lenses. The label ‘Made in Japan’ is associated with high quality, this was especially important for the many luxury brands that quickly came to rely on Nakanishi Vision.
Nakanishi Vision has a history of innovation and technology advancements in the production of eyewear, especially, our “double injection molding” technology. It uses two totally different materials for eyewear frames; for example, using nylon material superior in durability for outer surface and rubber material with excellent fit for inner surface. The double injection frames provide both comfortability and structural strength.
Our technology has been constantly advanced and matured through close collaborations with our global top brand-name companies, which pursue functionality and designability. Additionally, we have developed our own testing device, unique to the industry, for reliability and durability to meet the required quality standard. We are proud of what we create for our partner customers; every piece reflects our commitment to producing the highest quality.


福井県は、高品質な眼鏡フレームとレンズの産地として世界各国から長年認識されており、高品質の代名詞である「Made in Japan」という表記により、ナカニシビジョンに対する信頼は多くの高級ブランドの間で急速に高まりました。

Descreiption of our business

Development, designing, manufacturing, and other services related to eyeglasses industry


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