We are the only company in Japan that manufactures and sells school teaching materials to learn industrial use of radiation.

Industrial use of radiation
 We have concentrated on manufacturing plastic lens with the head office in Sabae City where over ninety percent of domestic spectacle frames are manufactured. Centering on molding of thermosetting resin as our core technology, we have manufactured more than one hundred million lenses to date which is equivalent to eyeglasses for fifty million people.
 We also develop and manufacture school teaching materials in order to take up the challenge of developing new plastic lens.
 Making use of our patented technology to enable coloring of lens by projecting radiation on the lens without using any dyes at all, we have held a shared research with Japan Atomic Energy Agency, etc. As a result, we developed a kit for students to easily learn the properties of penetration and shielding of radiation and the influence of radiation on various objects.
 This kit has been used in junior high schools and high schools as the only teaching material in Japan that enables students to learn about industrial use of radiation. It provides students with an opportunity to “learn radiation correctly and also learn to fear it correctly” by describing that radiation has been utilized extensively in the industrial world for such purposes as sterilization of medical equipment and heightening the strength of tire rubber, etc.



[ Descreiption of our business ]

・Manufacturing and sales of plastic lens for correcting vision
・Manufacturing and sales of school educational materials to learn radiation