Yoshida industry corporation.

11-24, 2-chome, Arisada-cho, Sabae City 916-0057 Japan
Representative:Toshihiro Yoshida (Representative Director)
Date of foundation:1948
Number of employees:79

〒916-0057 鯖江市有定町2丁目11-24
代表者:代表取締役社長 吉田 俊博
設立年:1948年  資本金:1,000万円  従業員数:79名

Woodwind instrument parts for flute, oboe, piccolo, and saxophone manufactured by our forging technology. We have 100 percent domestic share in manufacturing woodwind parts with forging technology.

Woodwind instrument parts

As our basic technology, we have long accumulated cutting technology of titanium material and forging technology required in the manufacturing process of materials used for spectacle parts. Based on our manufacturing technology we have cultivated to date, we have positively expanded our business in woodwind parts, precision parts for medical equipment, and other areas of metal processing. In this way, we have proposed, developed, and manufactured high value-added products.
Distinctive sound quality and appearance of woodwind instruments are maintained by their sophisticated parts with delicate shape, which generally used to be processed by hand by skilled craftsmen. We proposed to apply forging technology we cultivated in the processing of spectacle parts to manufacturing woodwind parts, realizing major improvement of productivity compared with conventional manual work by skilled craftsmen. Moreover, our forge processing increased the hardness of woodwind parts, resulting in better sound quality of instruments and high evaluation by the players. Now we deliver woodwind parts in large quantity to major companies manufacturing musical instruments such as Yamaha Corporation, Miyazawa, Inc., and SANKYO FLUTE Manufacturing Co., Ltd.



Descreiption of our business

Manufacture of precision parts

  • Glasses parts ・Woodwind instrument parts
  • Medical equipment parts

Our products have also been adopted as the parts of medical equipment produced by a leading manufacturer of medical equipment.
We support low-invasive medical equipment.


  • 眼鏡部品 ・木管楽器部品
  • 医療・精密部品
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