MITANI computer co., ltd.

3-7-1-13 Kumando, Maruoka-cho, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture Japan
Tel. +81-776-67-8000
Fax. +81-776-67-8022
Representative:Ken-ichi Saito (Representative Director)
Date of foundation:1969
Number of employees:140

〒910-0393 坂井市丸岡町熊堂第3号7番地1-13
代表者:代表取締役社長 齊藤 健一
設立年:1969年  資本金:1億1,224万円  従業員数:140名

We have the greatest domestic market share in the number of local governments employing e-CLEAR sewer user fee system whose number amounts to 256 governments throughout Japan.


We have expanded our “e-CLEAR” series as our package system for business use designed for local governments throughout Japan. Among them, our “sewer user fee system” has the greatest domestic market share. This system has been used for calculating and collecting obligation fees for local residents to pay for the construction cost of sewage improvement. It has won popularity not only in its flexible system with many parameter settings enabling management of various ordinances, administrative executions, and regulations enforced in the local governments throughout Japan, but also in its capacity to manage basic data, arbitration, collecting fee, and absence of payment in an integrated manner in one single system. We will continue to improve our customer satisfaction and increase in the market share by providing our customers with value-added systems meeting customer needs in niche markets.



Descreiption of our business

Software development

  • e-CLEAR sewer user fee system, water and sewage fee calculation system, and website creation assistance system
  • POS system for stores specializing in Japanese or Western style confectionery (CocoPOS)
  • Inventory management system for distribution warehouses (W-KEEPER)


  • e-CLEAR 下水道受益者負担金システム、上下水道料金計算システム、ホームページ作成支援システム
  • 和洋菓子専門店向けPOSシステム「CocoPOS」
  • 物流倉庫向け在庫管理システム「W-KEEPER」
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