Screen image of our integral personnel management system

We developed computer software enabling integral management of personnel information such as personnel affairs, salary, work management, etc.

Integral personnel management system
 Though this software system was originally designed for management system of personnel affairs, salary, and work management for leading medium-sized firms, it also has a lot of functions convenient for firms with many employees. This system enables integral management of personnel information such as personal data management and wage setting. Besides this, improving subsystems have enabled paperwork functions such as human resource development, in-house lending system, etc. We also provide inspection data creation tool designed for banking institutions. Various convenient functions of our software designed for banking institutions have gained high market share among local banks nationwide.



[ Descreiption of our business ]

▪Development and marketing of package software
▪Online services, contract services such as computer-aided calculation, etc

・ オンラインサービスおよび受託計算サービスなどの受託計算業務 など