Main industries in Fukui Prefecture

Textile industry

Silk fabric, rayon silk fabric, synthetic fiber fabric, knit goods, etc have been manufactured in Fukui Prefecture based on sophisticated technologies and aesthetic sensibility accumulated in the long history of development of our textile industry. The companies manufacturing these textile goods in Fukui Prefecture have high percentage of domestic market shares in the amount of production and their products have been widely used not only as clothing materials but also as industrial materials.



Industry related to eyewear

More than 95% of glasses frames produced in Japan are made in Fukui Prefecture. Made from titanium and shape memory alloys, using cutting edge techniques and original designs, frames produced in Fukui are loved not only by eminent politicians but also by Hollywood celebrities.



Machinery and electric/electronic industry

In Fukui Prefecture, a wide variety of machinery and machine parts ranging from textile machinery to machine tools have been manufactured and provided not only to Japan but to the countries around the world. We also have the companies manufacturing semiconductors and precision electronic components both of which have been rapidly downsized with their performance increasingly upgraded worldwide.



Chemical and plastic industry

Various types of surface-active agent have been manufactured in Fukui Prefecture. We have the companies with sophisticated processing technologies in such areas as plating, surface treatment, etc. Plastic products with high functionality which excel in heat resistance, decay durability, etc have also been manufactured.




Concrete and such ceramic materials as roof tiles etc, various kinds of software, traditional craft products such as Japanese paper called "washi" in Japanese, lacquer-ware, etc have also been manufactured.



Percentage distribution for value of shipments of manufactuerd goods
(for businesses with four or more employees)(2014)

Exports by Items in 2014(in thousands of yen)

Imports by Items in 2014(in thousands of yen)

Top 10 countries in exports in 2014
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Top 10 countries in imports value in 2014
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