Installation example of our movable weir with intake screen (GSTP Screen)

Maintenance-free water intake equipment which simultaneously realizes clearing dirt and water intake, harnessing the natural flow of river water.

Movable weir with intake screen
 In conventional water intake equipment installed over rivers and sluices, floating dirt and leaves as well as sand and gravel used to block up the water intake opening, requiring frequent cleaning. Large-scale power-driven dirt clearing equipment, on the other hand, is expensive.
 We succeeded in developing innovative maintenance-free water intake equipment which removes floating dirt and leaves, eliminating the adverse effects of sand and gravel. In addition, since this new equipment harnesses naturally flowing water without using any auxiliary power, both the initial and the running costs can be reduced compared with conventional solutions.
 Therefore, our movable weir with an intake screen is very versatile and can perform three differrent functions of lifting the weir, water intake and removing floating dirt and leaves.



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▪Environmental research
▪Survey, planning, designing and construction management of snow melting, parks, landscaping by illumination effects, water and sewage facilities, new energy resources, etc.
▪Environmental education, computer software development, etc.
▪Development and design of ozone based water treatment system
▪Development of ozonated water sterilization equipment(for household and medical use)
▪Development of a Linng Geo-Heat Exchanger heathing and cooling system.(NEDO)